Daniel Zeller, “A.V.M Study” ink and acrylic on paper, 11″x8.5″ (2019) www.danielzeller.net
Meridith McNeal, “Magical Things Brushes, Pens and Pencil (Rome)”  Flashe on paper 11×11″ (2008) Framed painting from the first series of Magical Things painted as an Artist in Residence at the American Academy in Rome. This ongoing series of watercolors, venerates the easily overlooked objects of everyday life: a paperback novel, a thermos, a doorknob. Mundane objects become totems, Milagros—charms of mindfulness, imbued with a power greater than the sum of their parts. artist website
Estefania Velez Rodriguez, “Ancient Lineage” oil on canvas, 12 x 9 inches (2018) Courtesy the Artist and Auxiliary Projects Gallery www.estefaniavelezart.com
Andra Samelson, “Zippity” acrylic on canvas, 9″x12″ (2017) www.andrasamelson.com
Joyce Yamada, “Shell”  oil on gessoed rag paper, mounted on panel, a shell form evoking exquisite natural geometry, subtly iridescent, 10.5 x 14.5 inches (2015) www.oyceyamada.com
Carol Salmanson, “Radiations Series 3 on Gray” Gouache on Paper, 11.625″ x9.25″ (2019)  www.carolsalmanson.com
Christopher Johnson “Adult Content, PA Rt.30″ Oil on linen,Landscape (with potential ex terrestrial significance).11″x14” (2019) www.christopherlowryjohnson.com
Sylvia Schwartz, “‘Right to left scroll.” linen, silk, raffia, paint, wall construction, 60 ” x 25″ x 2″ (2019) www.sylviaschwartz.net
Lisa Marie Ludwig, “Facade: West Street, Brooklyn, NY” 8_1/2″ x 18_1/2″ x 1″ Resin, Bronze Powder, Plastic (wooden cleat attached to back for hanging) (2019) Facade Cold Casts are the faces of individual buildings which have been demolished. Using cardboard to create the form, the casting allows the cardboard to be transformed to a more perment material. Working with iconic/landmark imagery, these works are a documentation of the vernacular changes of Williamsburg’s landscape, www.http://lisamarieludwig.com/
Ed Herman, “The Dissolution of The Party of Lincoln”  Partly dissolved Photo of Lincoln
Rodger Stevens, “Figment, with Sound” Iron Wire, Hand formed iron wall sculpture, 28″ x 12″ x 2″ (2018) www.rodgerstevens.com
Don Voisine, “Cross Off” oil on wood panel, 11.75″x11.75″ (30cm x 30cm) (2013) courtesy of the artist and McKenzie Fine Art http://donvoisine.com
Karen Marston, “Strata” oil on paper, “My latest subject matter continues an interest in unnaturally amplified disasters—crises induced by climate change, this one unfolding in our oceans, the destruction of coral reefs.”  11″x14″ (2018)  www.karenmarston.com
Ben Boothby, “Bedroom View #9” Silkscreen, Acrylic and Oil on Panel, This painting is based on memories from an apartment in DC that I spent my mid 20’s in. There was a big fancy building behind mine, with a pool and staggered patio spaces. 9″x12″ (2011) www.benboothby.com
Scott Chasse, “Clowder with One Blue Cat” acrylic on panel, original painting on wood panel, mounted in white floater frame, wired and ready to hang, 21.5″ x 15″ (2014) courtesy of the artist and Calico Gallery www.scottchasse.com
Sonomi Kobayashi, “Heart #5″ alcohol ink on Yupo Paper, 7″x5” (2017) www.sonomikobayashi.com
Etty Yaniv, “Island 10″ Mixed media on canvas, Island 10 is part of a series of small scale canvases, done one a day for a year. 4.5″x6.5” (2018) www.ettyyanivstudio.com
Ahron D. Weiner, “UnderCurrent: How the Sausage is Made” Digital Collage printed on Asuka Inkjet 48gr Japanese Archival Paper, UnderCurrent uses media as medium, to provide an alternative reading of the Wall Street Journal. We exist in a viral news abyss. Besieged by a maelstrom of headlines. Adrift in a sea of Churnalism. UnderCurrent applies a Cubist perspective to the media spin cycle, combining elements from both sides of a single WSJ page to unearth deeper truths, surprising juxtapositions, and a window into our collective consciousness.  14″ w x 11″ h print, 16″ x 13″ framed (2018) 1/10  www.ahronweiner.com
Andra Samelson, “Zippity” acrylic on canvas, 9″x12″ (2017) www.andrasamelson.com
Linda Schmidt, “Check” ink, acrylic, Flashe, graphite on paper, 11″x8.5″ (2019) www.lindakamilleschmidt.com
Karen Fitzgerald, “Boat” Solar etching with 23k gold on BFK Rives paper, 17″x15.5″, matted dimension (2012)  A hand-pulled print, the image depicts an empty boat, adrift in an energy pool. This is #2 in an edition of 20. artist website
Gregory Curry, “95% Water acrylic on canvas, 21″x 14.5” (2019) www.gregorycurry.com
Jenny Carpenter, “Beyond”oil and graphite on paper, 10″x8″ (2019) The artist incoporates the use of grain to influence landscape and create a sense of motion. www.jennycarpenterstudio.com
Joanne Ungar, “Sensodyne 10” painted cardboard box and wax on panel 7″x11″ (2018 ) a piece from the artist’s Pain Relief Product series www.joanneungar.com
Jessica Hargreaves “Gilty/Guilty” 9″x13″
Hand sculpted resin on vintage mirror. Painted with acrylic.
Three of the many highly endangered species , a Pygmy slow loris, a Pangolin and a Pika rabbit look at you from a mirror frame while you look at them and yourself and contemplate the damage our species has wrought. www.jessicahargreaves.com
Natsumi Goldfish, “Kaonashi Girl” drawing and ink on clayboard, 7″x5″ (courtesy of www.natsumigoldfish.com
Manju Shandler, “Miniature 11” Dye, ink, thread, spray paint, printed polyester film, on paper – Manju Shandler is a visual storyteller creating narrative imagery imbued with elastic meaning. Her mixed media artworks are a meditation on current events presented as a psychological landscape that build upon established story lines in pursuit of ordering madness in dense and complicated times.
Art 4 x 8 inches / framed 12.25 x 15.25 www.ManjuShandler.com
David Kramer, “Well Hydrated” ink on paper
 Stephen Maine, “SM19-0420” acrylic on paper,12″x9″ (2019) www.stephenmaine.com
Alex Gingrow, Untitled (Trucks Like Tracks) Graphite, ink, and gesso on paper, Intimate text-based ink drawing on paper. 7.25″ x 7″ (unframed) (2016) www.alexgingrow.com
Karen Fitzgerald, “Boat” Solar etching with 23k gold on BFK Rives paper, 17″x15.5″, matted dimension (2012)  A hand-pulled print, the image depicts an empty boat, adrift in an energy pool. This is #2 in an edition of 20. artist website
Jackie Shatz, “The Thinker” ceramic & paint, sitting figure wall sculpture, 7″ x 4″ x 3″ (2017) www.jacquelineshatz.com
Stephen Mallon, “Sara” A photograph of the Aircraft Carrier Saratoga waiting to be scrapped, chromogenic print, 16″x20″ AP (2010) www.stephenmallon.com
Mika Yokobori, “Under the Tree” pencil on paper, 8.5 x 6.5 (2019) www.mikayokobori.com
Beth Dary, “Crue” Handmade paper with indigo dye, pigment and encaustic, Crue is from a series of works on paper created during a residency at the VCCA in Auvillar France and was inspired by both the Garonne River and the nuclear power plant located on the riverbank nearby.  8″x9″ (2016/17) www.bethdary.com
Linda Ganjian, “Consumerist Mandala #2 (10”)” cast plaster, wood, paint, varnish, Mandala designed from pieces cast from plastic packaging, 10” x 10” x 2” (2016) www.lindaganjian.net
Ward Shelley, “The Downtown Body Project” edition print, 36″ X 21.5″  www.wardshelley.com
Jesse Lambert, “School Days #41″ ink on paper, 8″x10” (2016) www.jesselambert.net
Jeanne Tremel, “untitled (112515)” mixed media on yupo, abstract landscape, 4″x4″ framed 11″x9″ (2015) www.jeannetremel.virb.com
Ken Butler, “Broken Snow Shovel Violin”  assemblage Violin sculpture made from a broken snow shovel and violin neck, 22″ x 7″ x 2″ (2014) www.kenbutler.squarespace.com
Peggy Cyphers, “Heirs to the Sea” mixed media, silkscreen, leafing, cyanotype on canvas 12″x12″ (2019) www.peggycyphers.com

Daniel Rosenbaum, “Too Much to Dream Last Night” acrylic on canvas, 20″x16″ (2019) www.danielrosenbaum.com
Mary Judge, “Automatic Writing Series 5A7” powdered pigment on paper, repetition of symmetrical forms to create a transformative image, 10″x7″ (2010) www.maryjudge.com
Ross Racine, “Number 20″ Digital drawing (inkjet print on paper) Fictional portrait, image: 7 7/8″ x 6 1/4″, frame: 15″ x 12” (2017) 4/5 www.rossracine.com
Michael Scoggins, “Nude” graphite, marker, colored pencil on paper, 14″x23″ (2012) www.instagram.com/michaelscogginsart
Jaynie Crimmins, “Natural Selections/Swing Left” shredded promotional mail over armature mounted in shadowbox, Rolled and sewn shredded papers from personal and promotional mailings 8″x8″x2.5″ (2016) www.jayniecrimmins.com
Sascha Mallon, “Sunbird” ceramic, 7″ x 6 1/2″ (2018) I use depictions of flora and fauna to communicate ideas in a literal and metaphorical meaning. They serve as vehicles to communicate thoughts, perceptions and feelings about ourselves and others, about our place in this world. www.paperpencilair.com
Laura Lappi, “Untitled (Study of Charring Wood and Burning Structures II)” photograph, 12″x18″ Edition of 100 with 1 AP (2019) Photographic documentation of site-specific installation Untitled (Study of Charring Wood and Burning Structures II). Installation view at The Yard exhibition place in Colorado Springs, CO. www.lauralappi.com
Patricia Smith, “Code Violation”inkjet print, watercolor, ink on paper 9″x7″ (2017) www.patriciasmithart.com
Christina Massey “Strings Attached 6” oil on canvas and clothing with yarn and resin, 18″x18″ (2014) Hand stitched together from past cut up paintings with collared shirts donated from former bank employees cmasseyart.com  
Robert Egert, “Microscopy Painting” Acrylic on board 14”x11” (2016) www.robertegert.com
Lisa Levy, “You look like a great judge of art.” Engraved mirror, beveled mirror, signed verso 12″x12″ (2018) www.lisalevyindustries.com
Rob de Oude, “System Glitch /04” Gliclee print on paper 11.75 x 8.25 inches (2018) www.robdeoude.com
Peter Fox “Shadows shadow” acrylic on museum board, framed 10.75 x 14.75 inches (2018) www.peterfox.info
Phillip Buehler,
“Vents,” 2018
Printed on archival paper
12″ x 12″ www.modern-ruins.com
Thomas Broadbent, “Anhinga Chair” watercolor on paper 16″X20″ tbroadbent.com
Kathleen Vance, “Suspended Stream” 9″x12″ ink on paper www.kathleenvance.com
Susan Hamburger, “Invasive/Native/Nuisance” silkscreen NY area species of birds 22.5 x 19 in (2016) 23/28 www.susanhamburger.net
Sarah Olson, “Treeplanet5” 
Ink and watercolor on paper  (2015) 5×7 (9x12inches frames in black frame) https://www.sarah-olson.com

Brian Leo, “Followers” acrylic on canvas, 10″x10″ (2018) www.brianleo.com
Cibele Vieira, “Drawing a Face” watercolor, This water color is part of an ongoing project called “Tardigrade Wars” and it is inspired by children’s drawings. The monochromatic watercolors is a pigment made from insect blood known commonly as carmine. 9″x12″ (2018) www.cibelevieira.com
Julia Whitney Barnes, “Domestic Bliss/Porch Shadows” encaustic on wood panel, mixed encaustic techniques on wood panel, 8″ x 8″ (2019)  www.juliawhitneybarnes.com
David Ambrose, “Gilded Femur” Watercolor, gouache and ink on pierced paper, 9 x 7 inches (2014-2016)
Ellie Murphy, “Jethro” Encaustic, Watercolor paper 8″x8″, framed (2016) www.ellie-murphy.com
Willy Hartland, “City Tenement” giclée print, 18 x24 limited signed edition of 20, (2016) www.willyhartland.com
Alexandra Rutsch Brock, “Avalon” Oil on linen, Created during insomnia, 8×10” (2016) www.AlexandraRutschBrock.com
Mark Masyga, “Next Day the Knocker is Muffled”  oil and graphite on paper, 5″x3″ (2019)  www.markmasyga.com
Katerina Lanfranco, “Rise Up” Egg Tempera on Clay Board, Invented flora painting, 6 x 6″ (2018) www.katerinalanfranco.com
Debra Drexler, “Joy Ride” acrylic on canvas, 36″x24″, (2018) www.debradrexler.com
Shira Toren, “Night to Day” venetian plaster, graphite on Linen, 16″x18″x2″ (2018) www.shiratoren.com
Elizabeth Riley, “Wonder Portrait” Inkjet-printed video stills, paint on duralar, Exploration making video (in the form of video stills) into three-dimensional sculpture.  28 x 20 x 4 inches  www.elizabethrileyprojects.com
Nancy Baker, “Science Project” Paint on hand and laser cut paper, 14″ x 9″
2018, www.nancysbaker.com
Linda Griggs, “Hot Wheels Track Study 1 from Mean Toys and Ass Beatings series” Black walnut ink and egg tempra on Arches paper, framed painting 16″ x 29″ (2018) www.lindagriggs.com
Allen Hansen, “Untitled” Oil on panel, Rectangles with silver explosion, 9.5 inches X 8.5 inches, (2019) www.allenanthonyhansen.hitart.com
LigoranoReese, “for / ever”  Digital lenticular print mounted on Sintra, cradle frame on back, For / ever limited edition lenticular shifts between the words “for” and “ever” in bright blue and yellow text. It is the fourth piece in Edges, a suite of lenticular panels animating words concerned with the limits of space and time.  15 x 15 x 1 inches, (2018) Signed and numbered edition of 100 https://artwareeditions.com/products/forever-lenticular-by-ligoranoreese
Karen Schifano, “O Happy Day” acrylic on canvas, black, white and light green composition, curtain shape top and side, 8 x 10 inches, (2017) www.karenschifano.com
Matt Miller, “Sea Reaper”Paint and Melted Polystyrene, Experimental work in paint and melted polystyrene, 16 x 11 x 4 in. (2015)  www.emptymart.com
Klay-James Enos, “Single” oil on hemp canvas, Abstract painting inspired by digital structures, 6″x8″ (2019) www.klayjamesenos.com
Patricia Fabricant, “Untitled 042119″ Gouache on paper, on panel, cut paper painting 12″x12” (2019) www.patriciafabricant.com
Gelah Penn “Card Study #3” exhibition card, mosquito netting, staples, plastic garbage bag, eyets 9″ x 4″ (2019) www.gelahpenn.com
Sean Hemmerle “Fall Kill Falls at Davies Place, Poughkeepsie, NY 2018” 13×19″ AP (2018) A photograph of the Fall Kill Falls in Poughkeepsie. The image is a composite of some 30+ frames, is a part of a larger body of work by Hemmerle about Poughkeepsie’s Fall Kill creek. Hemmerle received an NEA grant for this work in 2019. www.seanhemmerle.com
Cecile Chong, “Giftwrap” Encaustic & mixed media on wood, 5″x5″ (2012) www.cecilechong.com
George Spencer, “Untitled, BOXER #385″ acrylic paint on stretched canvas 24″x 30” (2014) #greatboxers
Patrick Todd, “Rainmaker” oil on canvas, 11″x14″ Abstract composition with potential allusions to landscape
Miho Suzuki, Allogrooming (Being Groomed)” Photography on 100% cotton paper, The communication between the monkeys is non-verbal. Allogrooming, social grooming serves an important social function. :I’ll groom you if you groom me” 16″x20″ (2007) ed. 50 www.miho-suzuki.com
Carri Skoczek, “Myra Hindley” Acyrlic on panel, Acyrlic on panel, 5″x5″ (2016) www.carriskoczek.com
Rafael Fuchs, “The Russian Invasion” A group during the IdiotRad event in Bushwick, 2011 (8×12″) 2011-2014 (2/10)
Ken Brown, “Mickey Mao” silkscreen print on paper, 30″x20″ (courtesy of AG Gallery )
Chambliss Giobbi, “Tiny Arcadia” collage, mixed media on masonite 5″x7″x1″ www.chamblissgiobbi.com
Jeremy Slater, ‘Untitled” ink on paper, 6″x6″
Mark Ferguson, “Sequoia 03″Graphite on synthetic paper, (framed) 8″x8” (2019) www.markferguson.nyc