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Williamsburg Galleries
Galleries in Williamsburg are open late with opening events and special performances.
Opening: Friday March 06, 7-9.
17 frost
17 Frost
Thurs-Sunday 12-6
Living the Afterlife: Exhibition by Royce Bannon. Feb 21st-March 21st.

7 Dunham Place
7 Dunham Place

AG Gallery
107A North 3rd Street
12-8 every day
Art In Boxes 2014, November 28-Feb 2.

Art 101
101 Grand St.
Fri-Sun 1 - 6
also by appointment.
No Big Words, Nick Hugh Schmidt. At the core of the show is "Unlock and Explore," an installation in which Schmidt leaves his cell phone on display for people to 'explore' his personal and private life -- unscripted and unaltered. February 13 - 22.

Wearing a Cloud, Brenda Colling. February 27 -March 1; wearable art; Reception with fashion show Feb 27 - 6 - 9.
Opening: Friday February 27, 6-9.Beyond the Uniform, an exhibition of Combat Paper. Fine art by veterans, on paper handmade from military uniforms, featuring work by Kevin Basl, Eli Wright and other veteran-artists across the U.S. March 6 - April 5.
Opening: Friday March 06, 6-9.
Brooklyn Art Library
103A North 3rd St.
12-8pm Everyday
The Sketchbook Project, a collection of close to 30,000 sketchbooks (and counting) submitted by people of all ages and backgrounds from around the world. Thats over a million pages of original artwork made by everyday people, from arts professionals to students, kids, parents, and anyone in between.

Brooklyn Oenology
209 Wythe Avenue

Cathouse FUNeral
260 Richardson Street
Saturdays and Sundays 12-6
Various Tones, Gregor Neuerer. The installation, made specifically for Cathouse FUNeral, is comprised of four large-scale, painted canvases reconfiguring the dimensions of the space inside the main gallery. March 1 – March 29.
Opening: Saturday February 28, 7-10.
City Reliquary
370 Metropolitan
Thursday-Sunday 12-6PM

Cotton Candy Machine
235 South 1st Street
Tues-Sun, 12-6
Small Gift, Chris Uphues. February 13th to March 8th.

Momentary, Joe Sorren. March 6-March 27.
Opening: Friday March 06, 7-11.Babes in Deathland, Grace Lang, February 21st to March 8th.
El Museo de Los Sures
120 South First St.
(718) 387-3600
Tuesday-Thursday, 12:00PM-6:00
Notes on a Working Space, Project by Laura F. Gibellini, El Museo de Los Sures Artist in Residence in collaboration with the International Studio & Curatorial Program (ISCP) Laura F. Gibellini. On View February 25, 2015 - April 16.

Endangered Artists
566 Lorimer St. #1FR
Tues – Sat, 1–7
Art & Fashion by Elephants, The artists are big, the cause is even bigger! The Asian Elephant Art & Conservation Project (AEACP) presents Endangered Artists, an exhibition of artwork and fashion created by elephants. The AEACP is a 501c3 non-profit organization. All proceeds from art sales go back to benefit the elephants. The event is free.

168 North 6th St.
Sat-Sun 1-6
Without/Color, Part II, Howard Eisman, Fred Hatt, Arlene Morris. February 13 - March 15.

Crystal, 15th Year Anniversary. March 27-May 3.
Opening: Friday March 27, 6-9.
Firehouse 212
134 Wythe Avenue (betw. N. 8th and N. 9th Streets)

Firework Gallery
146 Berry street
Closed during the winter.

Front Room Gallery
147 Roebling St
Fri-Sun 1-6
Lost Horizon,Mark Masyga's compositions have lively linear elements balanced with a sensitive, yet intense sense of color. Mark Masyga uses line to enhance both specificity and ambiguity, creating a sense of mystery. Feb 20-March 15.
Opening: Sunday March 15, 4-6. Closing Brunch

Ken Ragsdale,recreates important events from his life through complex paper diaromas which he photographs with dramatic lighting and magical realistic additions. March 20th-May 12th.
Opening: Friday March 20, 7-9.
Gitana Rosa
19 Hope Street
Saturdays 12-6

246 Union Avenue
Tues. 7-11 Sat 1-5

Goatshed Gallery
256 N. 9th St
Sat-Sun 1-6pm, and by appointment

LA Fabrica
166 North 12th Street
Wet, Jordy Van Den Nieuwendijk.

No Show, Matt Papich. March 7 - 29.
Opening: Saturday March 07, 7-11.
339 Bedford Ave
11-6 Tues-Sun
Purvis Young 5 works by the late artist Purvis Young. Through March 14th.

Picture Farm
177 North 9th St.
Tue-Sun 11-6pm
Mother's Day, Dawn Clements. February 27 - March 29.
Opening: Friday February 27, 7-9.
158 Roebling Street
(347) 674-7706
Mon - Fri, 6pm - Midnight, Sat-Sun 1pm - Midnight

722 Metropolitan Ave, Second Fl
Sat-Sun, 1-6
Stubborn Truths, Boyce Cummings.February 7 – March 1.

Reverse Space
28 Frost Street
Wed– Sat, 1-7 Sun, 2-6
Seasted at Night, Victor Liu, meditates on several intertwined themes: the desire for alternatives to the nation-state, utopia as a business proposal, and sociopolitical fashion as the culmination of the neoliberal project. It is inspired by a real-life initiative to build 'seasteads', or floating city-states, in the oceans. Feb 27-March 22.
Opening: Friday February 27, 7-9.Myth and Mutations, curated by Chris Romero, is a group exhibition featuring the work of Richie Brown, Rachel Maclean, Jonathan Monaghan, Yara Travieso, Wang Ye-Feng, and Yaloopop. Opening Fri. April 10, 7-9
319 Bedford Ave.
Fri-Mon 12-6pm
Nation III, Circle the Wagons.Annual group show featuring hundreds of artists, by far the biggest group show this year. January 10- March 15.

This Could Be...The Start of Something Big!!Ken Butler & David Van Tieghem.
Opening: Saturday March 07, 7pm.
348 South 4th Street
Saturday and Sunday, 12:00-5:00
That Which We Call A Rose By Any Other Name Would Smell As Sweet, Raque Ford. March 8 - April 5.
Opening: Sunday March 08, 6-8.
Southfirst: Art
60 North 6th St.
Sat-Sun 12-6 and by appointment

The Boiler
191 North 14th St
Thurs-Sun 12-6pm
Destroy, she said, Curated by Saul Anton and Ethan Spigland. Including work by: Beth CAMPBELL, Jeff GIBSON, Serban IONESCU, Nina KATCHADOURIAN, Miranda LICHTENSTEIN, Jeanine OLESON, Peter ROSTOVSKY, Ward SHELLEY, Dexter SINISTER, Bob and Roberta SMITH, Ray SMITH, Kate TEALE, Olav WESTPHALEN. 5 March — 5 April.
Opening: Friday March 06, 7-10.
The Journal Gallery
106 North 1st
718 218 7148
12-6 Tues-Sun
Gumbo Shoes, Leif Ritchey's new series of paintings derived from the idea of change, and how one adapts to it. January 13 – March 1.

The Royal @ RSOAA
400 B South 2nd Street
Tues, Thur & Sat 12-5
Flirting with Disaster, Amelia Biewald, Jeph Gurecka, Richard Humann and Kathleen Vance. Feb. 6 - Feb. 28.

Kaleidoscopic, Curated by Jon Elliott. Artists: Chris Arabadjis, Judith Braun, Jacob Cartwright, Matt Koons, Marci MacGuffie and Meridith Pingree. March 6-March 28.
Opening: Friday March 06, 7-9.
244 North 6th St
Thurs-Fri 5-7, Sat-Sun 12-6
Oysters With Lemon, an exhibition in three parts featuring works selected by Andrew Huston and Michael Zahn. Informed by close readings of genre, facture, and style, OYSTERS WITH LEMON regards the poetics of the concrete image while drawing from a source in postwar Lettrist 'metagraphie'. In turn, the exhibition sets out staged tableaux of form, color, and scale imagined relative to the sequent, the discrete, and the infinitesimal.

Oysters With Lemon, Part II.

Oysters With Lemon, Part III.Opening: Friday February 27, 6-9.
Williamsburg Art & Historical Center
135 Broadway
Fri-Mon 12-6pm
16th Annual WAH Salon Show, Coordinated by Mary Wesrtring, Curated by Yuko Nii, Assisted by Alaina Nuehring. January 24 – February 22.

JART 5th 8th Annual Japanese Emerging Artists’ Exhibition. February 27 – March 8.
Opening: Friday February 27, 6-8.Armory NightANIMATORS: Eri Ando, ESORA, Naoya Hirata, Ayaka Kimura, Hikari Page, Nonoko Shiraishi, Kotara Takahashi, Mizoka Tanimoto, Miho Watanabe, Hidemi Yamashita, Yusuke Yoshimoto.
Opening: Saturday March 07, 6-10pm.


Greenpoint Galleries
106 Greene
104 Green Street
Amuse-Bouche, Allison Evans. February 14th- March 22nd

Auxiliary Projects
212R Norman Avenue
Sat and Sun 1pm-6pm
Magicker of the Solutional Caves, Aimee Burg. March 28 - April 26.
Opening: Saturday March 28, 6-8.
37 Greenpoint Ave. 4th Fl
Greater Hits, Jonathan Campolo. Feb 21-March 28.

Calico Brooklyn
67 West St #203
(347) 450-MEOW
Fridays, 12-5pm
Mediums, Curated by Michael Hambouz. Each artist will have a consultation session with psychic medium and healer Hank Hivnor. The work created for this exhibition was prompted and inspired by the artists’ individual experiences and the information they attained from their private sessions. With: Chrissy Angliker, Christina Carrozza, Chantel Foretich, David Melrose, Sara Marie Miller, Markus Weaver, Ebru Yildiz + Mitchell King. February 20 - March 27.

Fowler Project Space
67 West Street, Unit 216
Sat 12-5

Greenpoint Terminal Gallery
67 West st #320
Fri and Sat 12-5
Now Eat Your Mind, Paul DeMuro, Erin Dunn, Jesse Greenberg, Jennie Jieun Lee, Raul De Nieves, Cecilia Salama, Bonnie Brenda Scott, Randy Wray. February 7– March 14.

154 Huron Street
Saturday and Sunday, 1-6pm
Mystic Beings, Silent Melodies, A collection of paintings and drawings by Juan Cano.

Janet Kurnatowski
205 Norman Ave.
718 383 9380
Saturday & Sunday 1-6 pm,
Wave Length, curated by Joy Walker. With Emily Berger, Julie Gross, Kim Uchiyama, and Joy Walker. Feb 20- March 22.

Kazimira Rachfal: March 27 - April 26.
Opening: Friday March 27, 7-9.
Java Studios
252 Java Street, suite #308
Mon-Fri 10-6p
camgURLs, a solo Exhibition by Lindsay Dye. Curated by Dakota Sica. On View February 13 - March 06.

Light Industry
155 Freeman Street

Bill Douglas Trilogy. Opening: Sunday March 08, 7:30.
Owen James Gallery
61 Greenpoint Avenue, #315
Monday - Friday 9 AM - 5
Negative Circle, Takuji Hamanaka, January 23 - February 28.

Elin Rodseth, March 12 – April 25.
Real Fine Arts
673 Meeker Ave
Sat-Sun 12-6pm
Taslima Ahmed, February 28 - March 29.
Opening: Saturday February 28, 7-10.
Rekover Projects
77 Franklin Street
Saturday and Sunday noon - 5pm

Yashar Gallery
276 Greenpoint Avenue
Saturdays, Sundays 1-5

Yes Gallery
147 India St.
(917) 593-9237
Thurs-Fri 1-7, Sat 1-5
Beggining to see the Light, Curated by Emily Noelle Lambert. With: Tanyth Berkeley, Paul DeMuro, Rico Gaston, Ezra Johnson, Esperanza Mayobre, Phoebe Morris, Ilse Murdock, Siobhan Liddell, Claudia Pena Salinas, Peter Simensky. February 20-March 31.


Bushwick Galleries
99¢ Plus
238 Wilson Ave.
Fri-Sun 1 - 6
How to Abandon a Burning House Without Panicking, Charlotte Patterson. These process based photographs explore the relativity of memory during human experiences. Sourcing from National Geographic magazines between the years of 1962-1969, Charlotte paints them with a solvent that removes ink and photographs the images as it works. These process based pieces play with the ability to control one’s sense of memory and nostalgia.

After Dark, A Group Exhibition Curated by Sam Clarke. Works by Allen Frame, Matthew Leifheit, Ryan Lowry, and Sam Clarke; a collaborative sound installation by Jaein Lee & MC, and debut works from Sharon Gong, Malkia Saint-Albin, and Jake Terrell. March 6-29.
Opening: Friday March 06, 7-10.
Air Circulation
160 Randolph St
Mimic, A group exhibition about mimicry, illusion, and material transformation in art. Featuring works by: Thomas Albdorf, Dave Hardy, Jessica Labatte, Danielle Mysliwiec, Marsha Owett and Aaron Williams. January 29th to March 15th.

Amos Eno Gallery
The Loom-1087 Flushing Avenue, Suite 120
thurs-sun 12-6pm
Unsettled Alphabets, Cynthia Laureen Vogt. February 5 - March 1.

109 Ingraham Street, suite 102
646 331 3162
Thu - Sat 12 - 6
Signs of Men, Linda Karshan belongs to the minimalist tradition of 60’ and 70’s, and has often been compared to such artists as Agnes Martin, Eva Hesse, and Sol LeWitt, however, her work differs from the mainstream of Minimalism as she employs the element of chance (in this, she resembles Pollock.) What makes her work unique is the performative element she developed where her drawings and prints become a notation of the internal rhythm of her body and a notation of time. March 4 - April 5.
Opening: Wednesday March 11, 6-9. Sunday March 29th, a conversation with Dr. Mark McDonald, Curator, Dept. of Drawings and Prints, The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Art Helix
16 Harrison Place
Saturdays & Sundays, 12 – 6PM
Type Indicators, An exhibition and research project that explores the relationship between personality, identity, and artistic self-expression using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. Curated by Wilson Duggan. February 13 – March 1.

All Night Interactive Dance Performance, ArtHelix in partnership with Curating for a Cause and SHIM will host a night of dance performances, sculpture, fine art, discussion, and dance celebration. Participating Performers: ChristinaNoel and The Creature, Jennifer Roit, Sarah Chien, 96B, Danielle Russo Dance Company, and Maya Orchin with interactive body sculptures by Shani-Ha, musical guest DJ Anthony Jasper // Starvue; Rhythm Section NYC and Curated by Jackie Cantwell and Caitlin Dutton.
Opening: Saturday February 28, 8pm.
Brooklyn Fire Proof Gallery
119 Ingraham Street
BRURAL: Skin of Liberty, Fractured and re-Structured, curated by Vladimir Seleznev. Artists: Ekaterina Aksenova, Ron Barron, Oleg Blyablyas, John Boone, Todd Bryant, Alberto Bursztyn, Vitaly Cherepanov, Irina Danilova, Bath Dary, Irina Fillipova, Tatiana Istomina, JKP group, Angelina Kotova, Ksenya Koshurnikova, Rita Leduc, Anna Mineeva, Kenneth Pietrobono, Robert Seng and Lisa Hein, Carol Salmanson, Vladimir Seleznev, Kate Stone, Feodor Telkov, Ian Trask, Qi You, Zer Gut group. February 20th - March 8th

396 Johnson Avenue
718 456 0396
Wednesday - Sunday 12-6pm
An exhibition of new works by Calvin Marcus, January 15 - March 1.

Dress Shop
322 Troutman Street
Sat–Sun, 12–6PM
Dressed Up, Ashley Epps, Anthony Miler, Arkadiy Ryabin. January 23–February 23.

English Kills
114 Forrest St, alley entrance
Sat-Sun 1-6

Fresh Window
56 Bogart St, lower level
718 417 0783
Fri-Sun 1-6
Under Ice, Alexander Deschamps, Lisa Fairstein, Alexandre Joly, Lilian Kreutzberger and Helmut Smits. February 13 - March 20.

Friday Studio Gallery
56 Bogart St., 1st fl., Brooklyn.
718 821 2180
Friday, 3PM till 8 PM
"Muse""Muse" A group show 2/6 to 2/27/2015

"Phantasm""Phantasm" A group show 3/6 to 3/27/2015
Opening: Friday March 06, 6 - 8 PM. 

Fuchs Projects
56 Bogart St. #1E
Fri-Sun Noon-6pm
The New Religion, New works by Rafael Fuchs. 02/13-03/15.

Grace Exibition Space
840 Broadway, 2nd Floor. BROOKLYN
7-9pm 2nd / 4th Mondays, 9-11pm, 2nd/4th Fridays
Wild Torus, 48-hour performance February 20-22.

Honey Ramka
56 Bogart St.
Sat-Sun 1-6
Freddie, Bread, Curtains, an exhibition of video works by Deborah Mesa-Pelly. Through Sunday, March 8th.

Interstate Projects
66 Knickerbocker Ave
Sat-Sunday, 12-6 pm
Sara Magenheimer, February 13th - March 15th.

Chloe Seibert, March 27th - May 3rd.
Opening: Friday March 27, .
1040 Metropolitan Avenue
Mon-Thurs 10:30-6, Fri 10:30-2

Jackie Klempay
81 Central Ave (1A)
Saturdays 1 - 5
Ben Estes: Movie Posters for Song Cave, The exhibition is a benefit for Ben Estes’ poetry press, The Song Cave. Participating artists include: Juan Amaya, John Bohl, Milano Chow, Matt Connors, Mariah Dekkenga, Jim Drain, Ben Estes, Alan Felsenthal, Pia Howell, Laura Hunt, Lucy Ives, Chris Johanson, Michael Mahalchick, Mary Manning, Susan Metrican, Monique Mouton, Bill Nace, Nautofon, Tyson Reeder, Nolan Simon, Travess Smalley, Mungo Thompson.
Opening: Friday March 06, 6-9.
Knockdown Center
52-19 Flushing Ave. (Maspeth Queens)
(347) 915-5615
Saturdays and Sundays 2-6
Zimoun, a site-specific installation by Swiss artist, Zimoun. Twelve-foot long roof laths will by suspended from thin ropes affixed to the ceiling of our 11,000 square foot atrium. These will be synced with a mechanical system of electric motors that will generate enough power to lift each lath off of the ground and then drop them back to the floor at random intervals — a physical knockdown. February 7 to March 8.

Negative Space, Artists include Cait Carouge, Kevin Frances, Lauren Gregory, Rachel Higgins, Jeremy C. Smith. Curated by Gabrielle Garland and Stacie Johnson. Feb 28-April 12.
Opening: Saturday February 28, 5-8.
Life on Mars
56 Bogart Street
718 417 3935
Fri 3-8, Sat-Sun 1-6
Back to the Future Part II, works by: Peter Acheson, Katherine Bradford, Rick Briggs, Bill Jensen, Margrit Lewczuk, Chris Martin, Joyce Pensato, James Siena and Amy Sillman. February 20th through March 15th.

1623 Hancock St. Ridgewood
Saturday & Sunday 1- 6
Pink, Deborah Adler, Jason Bauer, Jonny Chapman, Amber Cowan, Chris Duffy, Dave Naito, Amanda Patenaude, Erica Rosenfeld, Michiko Sakano, Thu Tran, Ben Wright, Thaddeus Wolfe. Curated by Michiko Sakano. February 14 - March 15.

Los Ojos
12 Cypress Avenue
Sat-Sun 12-6
Levi Haske | James VanderbergJanuary 9 – February 22.

Luhring Augustine Bushwick
25 Knickerbocker Ave.
Thurs-Sun 12-5:30
Philip Taaffe, January 17 – April 26.

1329 Willoughby Ave #2B, Brooklyn, NY 11237
Thurs-Mon 1-6PM, and by appointment
The Given, James Fotopoulos. new video and works on paper.

“There” (2014) by James Fotopoulos.
Opening: Monday March 02, 7:30.Intersections Part I: Fotopoulos/Cory Arcangel, Fotopoulos/Ben Coonley, & Fotopoulos/Stom Sogo.
Opening: Monday March 09, 7:30. Monday March 16, 7.30pm: Intersections Part II: Fotopoulos/Barney Rosset Monday March 23, 7pm: Artist Talk: James Fotopoulos w/ Sophie Traub

Momenta Art
56 Bogart Street
Thu-Mon 12-6pm
Frames of War, Curated by Natasha Marie Llorens. Artists: Chitra Ganesh+Mariam Ghani, Helene Kazan, Chelsea Knight, Jeewi Lee, Lina Selander, Ala Eddine Slim, ismaël, Youssef Chebbi, SITU Research Architecture. January 18 - March 22.

Norte Maar
83 Wyckoff Avenue, #1B
Oct 23-26, 12-6pm
Beat Nite. Selected art spaces curated by critic Benjamin Sutton: Microscope, TSA, Centotto Kimberly-Klark, Transmitter, ODETTA, Sardine, OUTLET, Jackie Klempay, 99⊄Plus.
Opening: Friday March 06, 6-10.
56 Bogart
Thu - Mon, 12-6pm
Rational Formal, Matthew C. Lange, Michelle Leftheris, Adam Ryder, Phoebe Streblow. February 13 - March 20.

229 Cook Street
Fri-Sun 1-6
pay to play, recent works by Joe Amrhein, Rico Gatson, William Powhida, Rita Valley. January 16 – March 8.

Tomboy, Ruth Hiller, Lisa Levy, Miriam Songster, Sarah Walker. March 20 - April 19.
Opening: Friday March 20, 6-8. Artists Talk, Sunday March 22, 4-6 pm

Outlet, Fine Art
253 Wilson Ave.
Sat-Sun 1-6pm
LOOMINOSITY, Featuring recent work made on a loom by Samantha Bittman, Amanda Hu, Robin Kang, Steven and William Ladd, Erin M. Riley, Phillip Stearns. February 20-March 29.

Outpost Artists Resources
1665 Norman St
718. 599.2385

Present Co.
254 Johnson Avenue
12-6 Saturdays and Sundays
Near Dark, Cooper Holoweski, Jen Schwarting, Ginevra Shay.

Pseudo Empire
467 Troutman Street
Sat-Sun 11-6

Robert Henry Contemporary
56 Bogart St.
(718) 473-0819
Thu-Sun 1-6pm
Nomad Songs, Duane Zaloudek: January 30 – March 8.

Layers, Robert Strati. An exhibition of 8 new three dimensional wall works that explore unseen realities. March 13 - April 19.
Opening: Friday March 13, 6-9.
286 Stanhope Street
pleasure principle, Jaime Gecker. referencing both Janet Jackson and Sigmund Freud, lays out an imperfect, but personal plan for seeking pleasure in making things that don’t exist. March 7-March 29.
Opening: Saturday March 07, 6-9.
Schema Projects
92 St Nicholas Ave
Fri. 1-5 pm, Sat-Sun. 1-6
Peregrinations, Constellations, curated by Jeanne Heifetz. Emily Barletta, Janice Caswell, Clint Fulkerson, Colleen Ho, Sarah Morejohn, Sharyn O'Mara, Paula Overbay, Jessica Rosner, Mia Rosenthal, Karen Schiff, Drew Shiflett, Allyson Strafella and Robert Walden. February 27-March 29.
Opening: Friday February 27, 6-9.
Secret Project Robot
389 Melrose St.
Thurs-Sat 6-9
New York City Porn Film Festival, The Festival is a celebration of sexuality as art, which will display films that challenge the notion of sex according to the proscribed male dominated narrative, and the social constructs of “sexy.” February 27th, 28th & March 1st
Opening: Friday February 27, 8-12pm.Opening: Saturday February 28, 8-12pm.
260 Johnson Avenue
347 746 8457
Sat-Sun, 1-6
Fissure : Fog, Group show curated by Bennet Schlesinger. February 6th-March 8th.

Slag Contemporary
56 Bogart St. #005
212 967 9818
Thurs-Sat. 12-6
Tim Kent, A World After Its Own Image. February 13 - February 15.

Songs for Presidents
1673 Gates Avenue (basement) Ridgewood, NY
Saturday and Sunday from 12 to 6
BEASTS I - IX, Jessalyn Wakefield, an audio and video installation, BEASTS I - IX seeks to translate the experience of private terror into group witness. February 27-March 29.
Opening: Friday February 27, 6-9.
Storefront Ten Eyck
324 Ten Eyck Street
Sat-Sun, 1-6
Elise Siegel | Mie YimJanuary 23-February 22.

New Narratives, Bill Adams, Roland Allmeyer, Tatiana Berg, Katherine Bowling, Katherine Bradford, Gregory Crane, Daniel Derwelis, Austin Eddy, Matthew F Fisher, Hoda Kashiha, KK Kozik, Siobhan McBride, Hiroshi Sugito, Melanie Vote, Margeaux Walter. project space: Leslie Alexander. March 6-April 5.
Opening: Friday March 06, 6-9.
Studio 10
56 Bogart St.
Fri-Mon 1-6
Toward Grandfather Mountain. Fred Valentine. The exhibition includes works of implied landscapes as well as paintings of overlapping geometric forms. All the paintings flirt with a trompe l'oeil frame. The painted frame also becomes a subject in the composition. This illusory element also alters how one reads the “paintings” inside the frames. February 6 - March 8.

Once Upon a Time, Matt Freedman and Tim Spelios. During the show, titled ONCE UPON A BROKEN TIME, the artists will embark on a month of story telling using the oldest and simplest of story telling tools: sticks and drums to give impetus and rhythm, and charcoal and paper to fill in the details. This ongoing project will be divided into eight performances, which will occur every Friday at 8pm and Sunday at 5pm during the run of the show.
Opening: Friday March 13, 6pm. Bee Dance Performance at 8pm

Paleo Camera, performance.
Opening: Sunday March 15, 8pm.
Studio 301
301 Ten Eyck Street
9-7 W-F and 1-6 weekends

The Active Space
566 Johnson Avenue
Friday-Sunday, 1-6 pm

The Hollows
708 Bushwick Ave #2
Fri, Sat, Sun 11am-6pm

The Living Gallery
1094 Broadway
Wednesdays & Fridays 1-5pm
Summer of Blood, Film Screening & Talk with the Writer/Director/Actor.
Opening: Monday March 02, 8:30.Hidden Fortress, a Gregory Stovetop Solo Exhibition.
Opening: Thursday March 05, 7-10.
The Parlour
791 Bushwick Ave
(718) 360-3218
Sundays 12-6pm
Show #15, with: Sue Havens, Jen Hitchings, Pamela Council, and Lana Z Caplan. February 20th through March 15th.
Opening: Friday February 27, 6-9 pm .
Theodore: Art
56 Bogart Street
Fri-Sun 1-6
Jack Davidson love, mistake, promise, auto crack-up, color, petalJack Davidson. March 7– April 11.
Opening: Saturday March 07, 6-9.
1030 Metropolitan Ave
Saturdays 2 – 7
Other Frames, Malcolm Levy. Featuring 4 custom built lightboxes using Backlit DuraTran Prints, in conversation with selected framed videos, shot on location in Sao Paulo, Paris, Berlin and Shanghai. February 28-March 21.
Opening: Saturday February 28, 7-11.
1329 Willoughby Avenue, 2A
6 x 6, Jeff Feld, Erik Shane Swanson, Lynn Sullivan, John Bohl, Skye Gilkerson, Sandra Ono. February 20 – March 29.

1329 Willoughby Ave, #2
Saturday and Sunday, 12-6pm
Generative Processes, Alex Paik and Debra Ramsay, February 20 – March 29.

464 Seneca Ave
Fri-Sun 1-6
Closed in current location

1109 Dekalb Ave
Sundays 1–5
Do You Care About This Feeling? Mitsuko Brooks. Fri, Feb 6th - Sun, March 1st.

Paintings, sculptures, and collaborative works by Douglas Degges and Eric Oglander. March 6 - March 22.
Opening: Friday March 06, 7-10.Artist's Talk by Nina Katchadorian.
Opening: Sunday March 08, 5pm. Stacey Holloway's Instinctual Drift opens March 27th.


Bedford-Stuyvesant Galleries
ARTs East New York Inc.
851 Hegeman Ave.

Brooklyn Children's Museum
145 Brooklyn Avenue
718 735-4400
Tues-Sun, 10-5
From Here to There, lift, launch and levitate as you experiment with hands-on exhibits that make learning about gravity, friction, and the laws of motion fun. February 6—May 10, 2015

Elgin Gallery
52 Tompkins Avenue,
Friday-Sunday 1:30-6

Good Work Gallery
1100 Broadway
Sat and Sun, April 5 – 20, 1 – 7
Freudian Slippers, Jamie Fletcher, Paris Hynes, Manal Kara, Jason Martin. Jan 23- Feb 14.

Saki Sato and Maren Miller, March 14-29.
112 Rogers Ave. #2
24 hours window
Lucky Dollar, A sculptural installation by Jeff Field. Jan 11- Feb 8

495 Rogers Avenue
Friday - Sunday, 12-5pm
Thanks. Thank U. Ernesto Burgos, Alex Eagleton, Brock Enright, February 13 - March 8.

Elodie Delaigle, Emilie Pischedda, Martin Hyde, March 13 - April 19.
House of Art Gallery
408 Marcus Garvey Blvd.
347 663-8195
Tues.-Sunday, 2-7

Skylight Gallery
1368 Fulton St
Wed-Fri 11-6, Sat 1-6
Poems for the Breaking of Spells,works by Che Baraka, curated by Danny Simmons. March 7-May 23.
Opening: Saturday March 07, 6-9.The Historical Roots of Spirituality in Contemporary African American Art, Panel discussion moderated by Danny Simmons with Danny Dawson, Halima Taha, and John Mason
Opening: Saturday March 21, 3pm.
The Bishop
916 Bedford Avenue
703 888 7591
Thurs-Friday 11-6, Sat 12-6

Tomato House
301 Saratoga Avenue
Saturday 1-6



Dumbo/Downtown Galleries
--DUMBO First Thursday--
Opening: Thursday March 05, 1-6.
AIR Gallery
111 Front St, Gallery 228
Wed-Sun 12-6
National Artists Exhibition | TRANSFORMED VIEWPOINTS, Curated by Brooklyn Museum Curator Emerita Charlotta Kotik, the 2015 A.I.R. National Artists Exhibition, Transformed Viewpoints, is an energetic reflection of the face of today’s feminism across the U.S. Featuring d’Ann de Simone, Laura Crosby, Dani Dodge, Paula Everitt, Melissa Furness, Alisa Henriquez, Mary-Ann Kokoska, Nancy Macko, Esther Naor, Mimi Oritsky, Meghan Quinn, Sally Resnik Rockriver, Julia Kim Smith, Amy Swartele, Erin Wiersma,Joo Yeon Woo, Janet Decker Yanez, Mineko Yoshida. Feb 5-28.

New York Artists Exhibition | Unframed. Alisa Henriquez | Floaters. Claudia Sohrens | Paternoster. March 5 - 29.
Opening: Thursday March 05, 6-9.
Brooklyn Arts Council Gallery
111 Front St., Suite 218
Mon-Fri 10am-5pm
Rub Me the Wrong Way, an installation that will transform BAC Gallery into an interactive, domestic environment created entirely out of sandpaper. Talasco uses beauty and humor to reference unrealistic notions of female identity within the home. September 26, 2014 – February 13.

Brooklyn Historical Society
128 Pierrepont Street
Fri, Sun 12 – 5; Sat 10 – 5
Sweet Industries: Refining What We Know, stories of sugar and its associated businesses with a focus on two companies: Domino Sugar Corporation and Drake’s Bakeries. May 2014 - June 2015

Full Steam Ahead: 200 Years of Ferries in Brooklyn. May 2014 - June 2015

Mapping Brooklyn, February 26- May 3. Curated by Elizabeth Ferrer.
Gallery Gaia
79 Hudson Avenue
Sat-Sun. 2-8
Jim Ebersole - plein air paintings of Brooklyn, Feb. 2nd - March 1.

Paper Gardens, Carla Stout. March 2-April 5.
Opening: Thursday March 05, 6-8.
Issue Project Room
22 Boerum Place
Tony Conrad & Charlemagne Palestine, Opening: Thursday March 05, 8pm .Tony Conrad at 75: a Benefit for ISSUE Project Room.
Opening: Saturday March 07, 6:30PM.
Klompching Gallery
111 Front St, Suite 206
Wed-Sat 11-6pm
Portrait, Doug Keyes. March 5 – April 11.
Opening: Thursday March 05, 6-9.
Kunsthalle Galapagos
16 Main St & 111 Front St
Mon-Sat 12-6
(Un)Mediated, Curated by David Rios Ferreira and Christine Walia. Participating artists: Felipe Baeza, Rina Banerjee, Mitsuko Brooks, Cecile Chong, Juan Hinojosa, Rachel Meuler, Lina Puerta, Nyugen Smith, Jennifer Williams and Saya Woolfalk. November 1 – December 13.

Long Island University/Salena Gallery
LIU Brooklyn 1 University Plaza Brooklyn,
9-6pm (m-f) & 12-6 (Sat.)
TileMasters, Robert Otto Epstein | Robert Hickman. January 15 - February 27.
Opening: Friday February 27, 6-8pm. Closing Reception

Masters Projects, Inc
111 Front St. No 212
Peter Buechler, JAN 29 - MAR 14.

Minus Space
111 Front Street, Suite 200
Weds-Sat 12-6pm
ELEMENTS, Rachel Beach, Vincent Como, Mark Dagley, Cris Gianakos, Erik Saxon, Li Trincere. January 10 - February 21.

Breaking Pattern, Artists: Gabriele Evertz, Anoka Faruqee, Gilbert Hsiao, Douglas Melini, Michael Scott. February 28 - April 18.
Opening: Saturday February 28, 6-9.
New York Foundation for the Arts
20 Jay Street, Suite 740
Face to Place, an exhibition of selected works from participants of the Immigrant Artist Mentoring Program from 2007 - 2014. Through May 8.

Sculptors Guild Gallery
111 Front Street, Suite 256
Thurs & Fri, 12-5
Michelle Greene. Maquettes and Small Scale Works from the Studio. January 21-February 27.

The Royal Family, Stefanie Rocknak, March 5-April 17.
Opening: Thursday March 05, 6-9.
Smack Mellon
92 Plymouth St
Wed-Sun 12-6
Respond, Erica Bailey, Its memory, the memory of its ribs, its knees, its shoulders. Yumi Janairo Roth and Nadine Wasserman, ArtSourced: Call Center. March 14 - April 19.

Artist's Open StudiosParticipating Artists: Esteban del Valle, Molly Dilworth, Oasa DuVerney, Ira Eduardovna, Steffani Jemison, Dread Scott.
Opening: Saturday March 14, 5-8.
St. Ann & the Holy Trinity Church
157 Montague Street
Tuesday through Thursday, 12 noon – 3:00 pm, Sunda
I Am the Vine, You Are the Branches, an installation of sculpture and mixed media by artist Nancy Azara. February 18 – April 3.
Opening: Sunday March 01, 2pm.
Stephen Romano Gallery
111 Front Street, Suite 208
Weds-Sat 12-6pm
Abundantia Cornu Copiae, Featuring works by: Featuring works by: Shawn Thornton, Cecilia Avendaño, Hannah Faith Yata, Rene Pierre Allain, Martin Wittfooth, El Gato Chimney, Lu Ke, Sas Christian, Aunia Kahn, Hunter Stabler, Huston Ripley, Paul Campbell, Lori Field, Judith Scott, Erna Kd, Darcilio Lima, Joseph McVetty, C.T. McClusky, Lu Zhang, Pulu Zhao, Teiji Hayama, Adam Miller, Charles Dellschau, Rithika Merchant, Hermon Finney, Jacob Böhme, Romeyn de Hooghe, Ray Robinson, Eric Van Straaten, Kalyana Thiru, Michael Anderson, Martin Ramirez, Joel Lorand, Dan Barry, Morton Bartlett, Robert Bowen, Nicholas Syracuse, Amy Friend, Masae Shimoichi, Ben Hotchkiss, Peca, Nyahzul Art, Tine Kindermann, Gigi Chen, Eric Richardson, William A. Blayney, Steven Bradshaw, James Castle, Emile Josome Hodinos. December 4 - February 28.

Trypophobia, Colin Christian. January 3 - February 28.
Triangle Arts Association
163 Plymouth Street
Tues-Sat 12-6pm

United Photo Industries
111 Front Street, Suite 204
Monday - Friday, 11-6
Developed: Three Emerging Photographers, An esteemed jury convened by Feature Shoot chose Jiehao Su, Sebastian Collett, and Ayumi Tanaka to be awarded Feature Shoot Emerging Photography Awards. March 5 – 26.
Opening: Thursday March 05, 6-9.


Boerum Hill Galleries
247365 Brooklyn
131 Huntington St.
Sat-Sun, noon-6
Situational Comedy, Joshua Abelow, R. Lyon, Brad Phillips. 2/20-3/22
Opening: Friday February 27, 7-10.The Minds Arm, New works on paper by Nick Payne. 3/1-4/12.
Opening: Sunday March 01, 6-10.
490 Atlantic Gallery
490 Atlantic Ave.
Tues. - Sat. 2:00 - 6:00
Robert Otto Epstein | Joanne Freeman, Feb 7-March 14.

The Invisible Dog
51 Bergen St
Thu-Sun 1-7pm
Blister Pack, Ian Trask. Nicolas Touron, Artifical Moment. Sophie Klafter Corporeality. March 3-8
Opening: Saturday March 07, 6-10.


Fort Greene/Clinton Hill Galleries
321 Gallery
321 Washington Avenue
Saturday 12-5
Sollpsistic Trollop Mystic, Jake Borndal.
Opening: Saturday February 28, 6-9.
BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music)
30 Lafayette Ave.
(718) 636-4100
Open during BAMcafé hours and by appointment
What Makes You So Special, Lisa Levy and Rebecca Norton. Sep 1—Feb 12.

BRIC House
647 Fulton Street
Tue-Sun 10-8pm
Mapping Brooklyn, Curated by Elizabeth Ferrer, with: Aaron Beebe, Daniel Bejar, Francisca Benitez, Gail Biederman, Justin Blinder, Christine Gedeon, Katarina Jerinic, Joyce Kozloff, Laura Kurgan, Peter Lapsley, Jennifer Maravillas, Simonetta Moro, Bundith Phunsombatlert, Jan Rothuizen, Patricia Smith, Nick Vaughan & Jake Margolin, and Sarah Williams. February 26-May 3.

Corridor Gallery
334 Grand Ave
Tue-Thu 10-6, Fri-Sat 12-6
Hot Sauce and Brown Liquor, Curated by Oshun Layne and Charlotte Mouquin. Robin Antar | David Cahill | Luiza Cardenuto | May DeViney | Kira Nam Greene | Hall Groat II Naturel | Sol Sax | Vid Taylor. January 18th- March 1st.
Opening: Sunday March 01, 4-6. Closing reception

Guild Greene Gallery
281 Greene Avenue
Thurs-Sat, 2-8, Sun, 12-6
Featured artists include Lawrence Heintjes, Rachel Burgess, Karl Kipfmueller, Don Doe, Kris Krohn, Ned Small, and John Frohnhoefer. February 28th - April 4.
Opening: Friday February 27, 6-9.
80 Hanson Place
Wed-Sun 12-7pm
Vision Quest. Amaryllis DeJesus Moleski & Sheena Rose. February 7 – May 31. Curated by Isissa Komada-John.

Ouchi Gallery
170 Tillary Street, Suite 507
(347) 987-4606
Tues 7-10, Weds-Sun 12-6
Favorite times of you & Shizuru, Shizuru. 2/25- 3/1. Yuko Katano, You are anytime together with me. 3/4-3/8.
Opening: Wednesday March 04, 7-10.youmask , 3/10-3/15
Opening: Tuesday March 10, 7-10. MOFUWA, Look, 3/17-3/22. Takako Oho, Reflection, 3/24-3/29. Tomoya Onoue. 3/31-4/1

Pandemic Gallery
22 Waverly Ave.
(917) 727-3466
Thurs. 1-7

Pratt Institute Galleries
200 Willoughby Avenue, Chemistry Building 1st floor
Mon-Fri, 11am-5pm
The Artist as Provocateur, Pioneering Performance at Pratt Institute, Ann Messner, Jennifer Miller, Theodora Skipitares, Martha Wilson, and students, Feb 2-Mar 7.

SONYA, South of the Navy Yard Artists
122 Washington Ave

St. Josephs College Gallery
Alumni Room Gallery Tuohy Hall, 245 Clinton Avenue

TRA Gallery
35 Claver Place #1
Fri 4-7pm, Sat 1-5pm

647 Fulton Street
Tues-Sat 12-6pm
Material Location, Curated by Susie J. Silbert. Work by Jane Bruce, Jes Fan (pictured), Shari Mendelson, Sarah Michalik, Stefanie Pender, Biba Schutz, and Ben Wright. January 21 - March 7.

Glory Studies of Unexplained Events, Jocelyne Prince will be exploring the art of heat and glass in this hour long performance.
Opening: Friday March 06, 6:30-7:30.The Fabric of Work, Nick Mount. A series of sculptural assemblages that range in scale and character and describe an aesthetic that is both provocative and playful, intimate, and spectacular. March 18 - May 2.
Opening: Wednesday March 18, 1-6.


Park Slope/Gowanus Galleries
440 Gallery
440 6th Ave
Thu-Fri 4-7, Sat-Sun 11-7
Titanicae, Katharine Colona Hopkins, Feb 19 - Mar 22.

543 Union Street
Thurs & Fri. 3-6, Sat & Sun. 12 – 6
Sasha Chavchavadze with the D’Amico Laboratory Collective, February 7- March 1.

Brooklyn Museum
200 Eastern Pkwy
Wed-Fri 10-5, Sat-Sun 11-6, First Sat of the month
Killer Heels: The Art of the High-Heeled Shoe, explores fashion’s most provocative accessory. From the high platform chopines of sixteenth-century Italy to the glamorous stilettos on today’s runways and red carpets, the exhibition looks at the high-heeled shoe’s rich and varied history and its enduring place in our popular imagination. September 10, 2014–February 15, 2015. Judith Scott—Bound and Unbound October 24–March 29. Eyes of Time, Chitra Ganesh. December 12–July 12. A New Republic, Kehinde Wiley: February 20–May 24.

Court Tree Collective
371 Court Street in Carroll Gardens
Mon, Wed, Fri, 3-6,and Sat. 12-5
Pauline de Roussy de Sales, Process based and labor intensive, Pauline de Roussy de Sales's silkscreens and etchings, by nature, inform the content and composition of the work.

Ethan Pettit Gallery
10 Eighth Avenue #3
Saturdays and Sundays 1-6
3rd Floor, ring bell number 3

558 St. John's Place
Thu-Sun 1-6pm
New American Sculpture, Curator: Dexter Wimberly. With: Leonardo Benzant, Lindsay Dye, Hugh Haydens, Asif Mian, Clife Murphy, Justin Randolph, Thompson, Bradly, Dever Treadaway.
Opening: Saturday February 28, 7pm .
Gowanus Ballroom
55 9th Street, Building 61
Fri 6pm-1am, Sat 3pm-1am, Sun 12pm–5pm

Gowanus Print Lab
54 Second Avenue
Mon-Thurs 10-10, Fri-Sat 10-7, Sun 12-7
She Blinded Me With Science, a femenist science fiction group show. Feb 18-April 4

Littlefield, 622 Degraw Street
Light and Dark, This and That, Exhibit by Andrew Benincasa. A collection of paper-cut compositions illuminated by lightboxes.

Morbid Anatomy Museum
424A 3rd Ave (Corner of 7th St)
Collectors Cabinet, the first of a series of exhibitions intended to showcase extraordinary objects and unseen treasures found in private collections. January 24 – Sunday, March 29

Do The Spirits Return?: From Dark Arts to Sleight of Hand in Early 20th Century Stage Magic (Saturday, April 11, 2015 – Tuesday, January 5, 2016)
Open Source
306 17th St.
Thurs: 11am-2pm; Fri/Sat 2pm-6pm
Extracted Bedroom ProjectB. David Walsh, installation and performance. February 7 - March 1.

I Want To Hold You CloseIn a culture where we are increasingly watching and being watched, Tirtzah Bassel is interested in how we perform. Using the rapt audience of a TED Talk as subject, “I Want to Hold You Close” is an immersive installation centered on a large-scale oil painting of a crowd, effectively placing the viewer on stage. As the viewer confronts the specificity and humanity of each individual’s existence within the audience, unique identities begin to stand out against the crowd.
Opening: Saturday March 07, 7-9pm.
Proteus Gowanus
543 Union St
Thu-Fri 3-6pm, Sat-Sun 12-6pm
LABOR, This exhibition will explore the nature of indebtedness, the rise and fall of manufacturing in Detroit, the invisible work that supports art spaces and much more through art, artifacts and books. Through Feb 22.

Trade Routes - The third exhibition of the COMMERCE year: Trade Routes, highlighting the thoroughfares of commerce and the cultural porosity they create by looking at changes in styles and meanings of materials and objects which have journeyed the globe.
Opening: Saturday February 28, 6-9.Useful ObjectsUseful Objects, an exhibition of art, objects, artifacts and documents, pays homage to the enduring simplicity of the small, useful object. Contributors: Diane Bertolo, Sasha Chavchavadze, Maureen Conner, Charlotte Cohen, Nick Defriez, Jeremy Dine, Cathy Feurst, Charles Goldman, Nene Humphrey, Tatiana Istomina, Clare Leighton, Tony Stanzione, Mike Train, Alexandra Walcott, Wendy Woon. Through March 1.
Showroom Gowanus
460 Union St.
718 522 3363
Thurs-Sun, 12 - 6

Soapbox Gallery
636 Dean Street, Brooklyn
Je t’aime Je t’aime, Angèle Lebert. On View: Feb 18 – 22.

The Shed
366 6th Street

Trestle Gallery
168 7th Street, 3rd Floor (Buzz #35)
Mon-Fri 11-6
Game Genie, curated by Will Hutnick & Polly Shindler, featuring: Eleanna Anagnos, Sharona Eliassaf, Henry Samelson and Cameron Welch. February 4 – March 5.

Swimming Awkward Moment, Works by Arlan Huang. On view: February 20 - March 27.


Sunset Park Galleries
Kingsborough Community College Art Gallery
Art and Science Building, 2001 Oriental Blvd
Return to tomorrow: 3d printed sculpture for the posthuman age, Ashley Zelinskie, March 11 - April 14.
Opening: Wednesday March 11, 3-5.
NARS Foundation
201 46th St, 4th Floor
Mon-Fri, 1-5; Sat-Sun by appt.
In Praise of Folly, curated by Jin Y. Hwang Coleman and including work by Pavel Acosta, Hong Seon Jang, Marc Oosting, Lior Shvil, and Ghost of a Dream. February 27 - March 25.
Opening: Friday February 27, 6-9.
Tabla Rasa Gallery
224 48th St
Thursday-Saturday 1-5; August:
Approaching Slains CastleMonotypes and other Scotland related work by Agnes Murray. March 12-April 11.
Opening: Thursday March 12, 6-8.Zahra Partovi discusses Letters, a limited edition book with poetry by Rumi, and artwork by Agnes Murray.
Opening: Thursday March 19, 6-8:30.


Red Hook Galleries
499 Van Brunt St
Sat-Sun, 1-6

Hot Wood Arts
481 Van Brunt #9B (2nd floor)
Saturdays and Sundays 1-6pm
Engaging artists, Artwork inspired by working with homeless, March 28 – April 19.
Opening: Saturday March 28, .
Kentler International Drawing Space
353 Van Brunt Street
Thu-Sun 12-5pm
Chris Gonyea, From Ashes. (front gallery space) Jaanika Peerna, Light Matter, (back gallery space). February 13 - March 29.

Opening: Saturday March 07, 6-8. Artists' Talk

Peninsula Art Space
352 Van Brunt St
12-7pm Th-Sun
I Swallowed a Moon Made of Iron; for, i promise to burn brightly, Andrea Crespo, Loie Hollowell, Andrés Laracuente, Materials from the Wendy Carlos archive. Curated by Alan Longino. February 13 - March 29.

Pioneer Works
159 Pioneer St. Brooklyn NY 11231
Weds-Sun, 12-6
Tongue Stones, Bones, objects and ideas are equally subjected to the passage of time. Works by David Horvitz, Soda_Jerk, Joachim Koester, Elise Rasmussen and Julia Weist. January 18 – March 8.

Second Sundays. a monthly series of open studios, live music, and site-specific interventions presented by Pioneer Works the second Sunday of every month.
Opening: Sunday March 08, 8pm .Under Construction – New Positions in American Photography, Group exhibition featuring works by Joshua Citarella, Jessica Eaton, Daniel Gordon, Matthew Leifheit & Cynthia Talmadge, Matt Lipps, Matthew Porter, Sara Cwynar, Kate Steciw and Sara VanDerBeek. March 14 – April 26.

Living Room Index and Pool. An exhibition of installation & performance by Lauren Bakst and Yuri Masnyj. March 13 – April 26. Opening Reception and Performance Friday, March 13, 6-9. Performances: Friday March 13: 7 and 8pm; Sunday March 22: 3pm and 4pm; Sunday April 5: 3pm and 4pm; Second Sunday: April 12, 6-8; Sunday April 19, 3pm and 4pm.
Opening: Friday March 13, 6-9.
Rhombus Space
183 Lorraine Street, 3rd Floor, #33
Sat-Sun 1-5pm

Waterfront Museum
290 Conover St. Pier 44
(718) 624-4719 ext. 11
Thurs 4-8, Sat 1-5